Cassie To is a professional composer whose music is about producing emotional connections. Her sound is refined but textured, with each composition carefully crafted to appeal to the rawest elements of humanity - emotion, memory and feeling. 
Cassie first came to me in 2018 seeking a new logo, brand identity and website in order to better reflect her professional career and 'product promise' as a Composer. With multiple commissions for film, social media, television advertisements (on ABC and Channel 7 to name a couple) and documentaries under her belt, re-creating a professional brand was important for her to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. As a creative, she understood the leverage that a strong brand brings to a customer and therefore a client.  
The new website highlights Cassie's biggest achievements and showcases a collection of quality works which demonstrate her capability, experience and range as a professional composer.  The inclusion of Cassie's personal photography (shot on a DJ Mavic Pro) from her travels further enriches the overall brand personality.
The logo design brief was to create a professional logo for use on all marketing communications, which is easy to read and represents a professional in the music field.  Cassie asked for clean, legible and scalable designs based on interpretations of music, rather than on obvious symbols of music (such as treble clefs and music notes). Classic and contemporary ideas based on lines, strings or waveforms to represent vibrations of music were preferred to standard representations of music. After some iterations using text-based logos, iconography and stamps, I threw in a wildcard and illustrated a few piano keys, given Cassie's Associate in Music in Piano. She fell in love with this mock-up, and we finalised a logo from there.
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